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About Us

Protecting Clients and Their Families’ Best Interests


Parties going through a divorce primarily desire two things: a fresh start for themselves and their children and the protection of their assets. With more than 30 years of experience in Family Law at his disposal, Harrison & Held LLP, Partner Michael C. Craven works with clients to bring home positive results in divorce proceedings. He works alongside his clients to guide them through the divorce process from start to finish and helps them to make the best decisions for their long-term well-being.

Although divorce is an undoubtedly emotional event, it is important to stay calm, focused, and as rational as possible. Michael helps his clients make clear-headed decisions by helping them weigh all of the potential options, so that they can choose the path that puts them and their families first and protects their rights during and even after divorce.


Impassioned Negotiator and Courtroom Advocate


Many divorces resolve with negotiated settlements and, as an experienced negotiator,  Michael works hard on behalf of his clients to achieve the maximum out-of-court settlement. If a divorce proceeds to litigation, Michael has a proven track record of passionately fighting for his clients in the courtroom.


Legal Expertise to Handle Financially Complex Divorces


As an attorney with decades of experience and as a registered CPA with a Master’s Degree in Tax Law, Michael has both the legal and financial knowledge to handle the complex financial aspects of a divorce, including business valuations, finding assets, understanding corporate structures and protecting clients from unexpected tax consequences. Clients that come to Michael receive full-service legal advice on all aspects of their family law case.


Connect with Michael


To learn more about Michael’s practice or to reach out for a consultation, please email him at mcraven@harrisonheld.com or call (312) 621-5234.